Do you like PhotoShow ?

PhotoShow is a free, open-source, and very easy to use web gallery installable on any web server.
A webserver running PHP 5, a whiskey, and 5 minutes of your time. No ice, thank you.
You can find a running demo of PhotoShow here.
Note : Create an account to view more photos.
Thumbnails view
Image view
Admin view
Free PhotoShow is under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
Easy to install Only two lines of configuration, and you're good to go !
Easy to use Adding and sorting photos, albums, users, and groups have never been easier. Simply drag and drop them wherever you want.
To delete a photo or an album, just drag and drop it on the bin. Easy !
Fully Generated PhotoShow automatically generates the whole website, including the thumbnails. Also, if your photos are bigger than 800x600px, it generates a smaller version for displaying (the big version is still available for your viewers to download, of course).
FileSystem Powered The architecture of PhotoShow's albums is created using the File System directly : no database is required to use PhotoShow. You can use your File System directly to add, move, or delete albums and pictures.
Compatible PhotoShow is compatible with DropBox, along with all of your Unix tools, because it is based on the File System. Use rsync, scp, or anything you prefer to interact with your photos.
Users/Groups gestion Each of your files and folders has its owns permissions, configurable in PhotoShow by the Admin (you). On the go, select which group/user can access an item.
Proxy PhotoShow provides a proxy for accessing the images, checking if the user is allowed to view an image or not. It is advised to place the directory for your photos in a folder not accessible by the web. Then, passing through PhotoShow's proxy will be necessary to access the images, ensurring you that only allowed users can view them.
Got OpenBSD ?
Antoine Jacoutot packaged PhotoShow for openBSD, infos about the port here.
Get the files
If you have git installed on your server, just type : git clone git:// If you don't have git, you can download an archive of PhotoShow here.
Place the PhotoShow folder where you want in your web directory.
Create the website
> Create two directories.

It is advised to place them outside of your web directory, for more safety.
Photos Directory where your photos will be stored.
Generated Directory where PhotoShow will store the files it generates (such as Thumbnails, and its configuration).
Note : You may choose their name and place them wherever you want on your server, but make sure the webserver has the rights to read and write in those directories.
> In the PhotoShow folder, open config.php file. Edit it like this :
photos_dir = "Path to your Photos directory"
ps_generated = "Path to the directory where PhotoShow will generate the files"
Note : It is advised to use absolute paths here. However, PhotoShow should work well with relative paths.

> Go to your website, using your favorite web browser. You should be asked to create the main account.
> Your website is ready
If you have installed PhotoShow using git, in PhotoShow folder, type :
git pull
If you don't have git, just re-install PhotoShow the same way you already did.
Libs and Frameworks
phpThumb() Used to generated thumbnails and smaller images.
jQuery, jQuery UI Used for anything javascripty
jQuery FileUpload Used for Uploading Files.
jQuery MouseWheel Used in Image view, to enable horizontal scroll with your mousewheel.
jQuery scrollTo Used in Image view, to enable automatic scrolling to selected element.
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How can I contribute ?
At the moment, I am not really looking for collaborators. However, if you want, you may fork PhotoShow on GitHub. I will look at any push request anyone sends me, but I can't guarantee that I will incroporate it in the project.
My photos won't upload / get deleted
Check the rights of your Photos directory : your webserver needs the rights to write in it.
"Big" photos can't be uploaded
Most webserver are configured to allow a maximum of 2Mo per file uploaded. Either edit your configuration, or use the filesystem to add photos.
I have an AWESOME idea for PhotoShow !
Great ! Just tell me here and I'll see if I can add it to the project. Oh, and please check that nobody else already posted this idea.
I found a bug ...
Just tell me here, and I'll try to fix it. Please state as many infos regarding the occurrence of the bug as possible: web browser, type of content, price of the whiskey in the closest shop...